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Looking to download Lunch. Drunk. Love. album online ? Released: Sep 10, 2013 , Bowling for Soup launched Alternative album Lunch. Drunk. Love..

Album has 13 Songs, 41 Minutes available to download or listen

Download here http://www.musicdown.online/?d=7605#fabiaauto110918

Download here http://www.musicdown.online/?d=7605#fabiaauto110918

Album songs list:
Critically Disdained 2:39

Since We Broke Up 3:42

Real 4:02

From the Rooftops 3:01

Circle 2:55

Normal Chicks 3:15

I Am Waking up Today 2:48

Couple of Days 2:35

And I Think You Like Me Too 3:06

Envy 3:24

How Far This Can Go 3:57

Right About Now 2:40

Kevin Weaver 3:36


The best power pop-punk band from Denton, Texas, has a well-placed chip on its shoulder after all these years. Its genre has rarely received the respect of more artsy styles, despite the fact that writing hooks in tight structures—which demand even tighter musicianship—is among the hardest feats for a band to accomplish. Right from the onset of “Critically Disdained,” Bowling for Soup is out for blood. The band hasn't lost its sense of humor, which ranges from silly, obvious goof-arounds to smart, subtle digs, and songs such as the brilliant “Real,” the unflinching “Since We Broke Up” (grow those beards, gents!), and the teen-angsty “Normal Chicks” prove that age may provide perspective, but you don't have to be a slave to it. The acoustic “And I Think You Like Me Too” has a youthful optimism that’s wistful and contagious. Nearly 20 years into its career, Bowling for Soup continues to unlock new combinations and make songs worthy of the genre it's long dominated.
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